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So you're interested in Wortman History?

The first known Wortmans to come to this country are George and Mariah Wortman. They arrived at The Bend in the River Petitcodiac on June 3, 1766. Today, their landing site is Moncton, NB, Canada.

The Wortman Quarterly, published by D.W. Wortman in Winnipeg, Canada, celebrates George and Moriah and all the Wortman Family. Wayne is a descendant through George's second known son, Martin. Documented descendants today live from coast to coast in both Canada and the United States.

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The Wortman Quarterly features an annually updated Wortman Family Tree to paid subscribers.

Chances are if your name is Wortman you belong to this noble and ancient family.

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Will & Unity Wortman, Winnipeg, 1909

Will and Unity Wortman pose with their children. Photo probably taken on daughter Georgia's wedding day. (Georgia, in middle back row, wearing white wedding dress).

Back row, far left, is a picture of Gladstone Wortman, pasted in. Gladstone died in 1908, of a ruptured appendix. He was an athlete, and earned many medals for swimming and other sports.

Will worked for CPR, and originated in Moncton, NB. He is the great-great grandson of George and Mariah Wortman who arrived in NB in 1766.

Unity Ryder Wortman, also from NB, descends from the Pilgrim Fathers. Her descendants can claim membership in the Mayflower Societies in North America.

Eva Victoria (in front, between her parents) was the last surviving member of this family. She died in Pasadena, CA in the late 1960s.

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Wortman Quarterly: Wortman Family Newsletter published 4 times a year

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