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Hardy Wortman pioneers sail from Pennsylvania…

Arrive at The Bend in River Petitcodiac on June 3, 1766...

And so begins our story in Canada!

The recorded Wortman saga begins on June 3, 1766.  On this date, George and Mariah Wortman arrived with three sons at The Bend in the River Petitcodiac.  Today, this spot is Moncton, NB, Canada.

Hardy pioneers, they sailed from Pennsylvania in January 1766 with other families.  This little band disembarked together and settled along the banks of the River Petitcodiac.   The Crown invited them to claim land to rehabilitate the area recently won from the French.

George's son Martin took up the land with his elder brother Jacob, and younger brother, John.  These three founded the most documented lines of the Wortmans in Canada.

Will Wortman is the great grandson of George: 
    William Henry
        William ("Will") Wortman

Will & Unity had 5 sons and 3 daughters.

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