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GREETINGS FROM CANADA! That's me to the left. I'm the good-looking one to the far right, that is.

Born in Winnipeg, I am a direct descendant of George & Mariah Wortman, among North America's earliest pioneers. They arrived in the New World around 1740. Leaving Pennsylvania in 1766, they sailed to the north along the Atlantic coast. Landing at The Bend in the River Petitcodiac, George & Mariah and their 3 first sons settled on 1,750 acres of Crown Land.

Today I publish THE WORTMAN QUARTERLY, a newsletter devoted to highlighting the histories of North America's pioneering families.

Check out my other sites to get a broader picture of the scope of the Wortman Family in North America since 1766.

My interests include stamp collecting, pen and ink, painting Russian style icons in egg tempera, music, hockey, football, running and weight training.

Email me for a FREE! copy of The Wortman Quarterly.

This picture directly below shows me without hair. To my right is Florence Wortman, my mother. She is the widow of Donald Harris Wortman (1918 - 1991).

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