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Unity Ryder Wortman (1853 - 1924)

Born in New Brunswick, Canada, Unity Ryder married William Wilson Wilmot Wortman in 1874 or so. Will was the great-grandson of George and Mariah Wortman.

Unity's descendants, according to the Editor of "Canadian Pilgrim" are also Mayflower descendants. Her lineage from the Pilgrim Fathers is through her parents Reuben Rider and Esther Rider. Ebenezer Rider was Reuben's father and Esther's grandfather. Reuben is descended from Mayflower passengers, William Brewster and Stephen Hopkins. Esther descends from William White (Peregrine was his son). She also descends from Brewster and Hopkins.

Unity had a terrible childhood, being shunted from aunt to uncle, as her parents died when she was but a child.

Nevertheless, she remained a pious, stoic and, some would say, a "god-fearing" woman. She and Will moved to Boston where their first child was born. He was William Henry (1875 - 1934). Their first daughter, Mary Ellen "Ella" was also born in Boston.

As the Canadian railroad inched its way west, Will and Unity followed it. They travelled through the USA, staying for a while in Anoka, MN. By 1879, they had arrived in Winnipeg, MB. Here, they set to continuing with strengthening the Wortman presence in that tiny city. Their children were William Henry, Mary Ellen, Georgia, Gladstone, Wesley Chipman, Harris, Fred Spurgeon, and Eva Victoria.

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A photo taken in Winnipeg, when Wesley Chipman was the youngest child, appears beneath this text. As he was born in 1889, we tentatively date this photograph from about 1889.

For more information, contact THE WORTMAN QUARTERY at This is a family newsletter published by a descendant.

Wayne Wortman
61011 RPO Grant Park
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